…the spectacular sunsets along our exquisite coastline are known and adored worldwide, and if you are so blessed as to find yourselves on the AMALFI COAST, you simply cannot go home without experiencing one.
While gently cruising – wine glass in hand, delicious local delicacies offered generously,…you will have one of the most visually beautiful evenings of your lives as you watch the sun slowly dip into the sea.
Your scene is set, LI GALLI ISLANDS, the Famed FARAGLIONI Rocks and Mythical CAPRI, and you will be nothing short of awe-struck as the sky slowly stuns with its light show!
Pinks, orange, purple, red, all lazily blending and mixing just as the first stars begin to wink and sparkle in the darkening sky!
This dream adventure begins before sunset – between 6.00 – 6.30
and to ensure your ultimate and most blissful evening, we will be delighted to collect you at the nearest and most convenient docking to your accommodation.
Then, feeling completely comfortable and relaxed once aboard our beautiful boat, we will pamper you with artisanal local wines, cheeses and hors d’oeuvres, all served to you as you feast your eyes, mind and spirit on scenes almost too beautiful to believe.
Extra pillows, a cozy comforter, soft music, perhaps cuddling up to that special someone, words are simply inadequate to summarize what this evening is like.
Around 8.30, you can decide to return to the original meeting point or to continue your private dream tour by stopping at a romantic seaside restaurant, reachable only by boat, and decidedly NOT TOURISTY,
where you will enjoy a delicious candle-lit dinner under the shimmering blanket of stars that is the AMALFI COAST.