…we are confident that we offer the best snorkeling experience possible!
From our sun-drenched decks, you will slip into the glistening emerald and azure-blue water of the Mediterranean sea.
We have access to private, secluded, mystically ancient spots restricted to other boats, and this alone makes our trips unforgettable!
Snorkeling is easy to learn, even if you don’t usually feel completely confident in the water, as we will provide the most comfortable flotation equipment you might desire, either for adults or for children.
We have found that even the best swimmers prefer to use our equipment as it allows them to completely relax and enjoy this magical world even longer.
The enchanting AMALFI COAST and nearby LI GALLI ISLANDS provide some of the very best snorkeling locations and conditions possible anywhere.
Crystalline visibility, warm sea, calm currents and no dangerous sea life of any kind!!
So… What are you waiting for??? book your legendary experience with us Today!!