Relaxation under the sun…

On this pleasant tour we suggest you visit:

  • Li Galli Islands… the legendary home of the mermaids, Mythology said, they lured Ulysses to the Island with their enchanted singing. This is also an ideal place for snorkelling with its ‘clear-sparkling’ waters and underwater treasures.
  • The fishing area of Marina di Praia, The Fiord of Furore and the Emerald Grotto, situated in the splendid Bay of Conca dei Marini are other charming places that you will see.
    If you like, during the tour, you can stop for a brief visit, in the bustling ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi, with its majestic Cathedral not too far from the beach.
  • The journey continues along the coastline, discovering Atrani, Maiori, Cetara and Vietri sul Mare, the unique villages that face the clear azure waters of the Tirreno sea.
  • We also pause to marvel at the fresh water falls that cascade directly into the sea, called ‘Marmorata’, this is another amazing place to stop for a refreshing swim.