Amalfi Coast and Capri Island boat guided tours

Amalfi Coast guided tours, Capri Island boat charters, Snorkeling excursion to Li Galli Island, sunsets & evening boat excursions, Sorrento Peninsular boat hire. Wedding boat trips, Traditional Boat rental, Water taxi (transfer by Sea).

  • Capri tour

    Capri Tour

    Daily trips to Capri with our special tour around the island. Discover one of the most romantic islands in the world, renowned for its incredible beauty of its coastline...


  • The Amalfi Coast & Li Galli Island tour

    The Amalfi Coast & Li Galli Island tour

    Li Galli Islands: the legendary home of the mermaids, Mythology said, they lured Ulysses to the Island with their enchanted singing. This is also an ideal place for snorkelling...


  • Snorkeling Tours

    Snorkeling Tours

    Dolphins and swooping seagulls frequently accompany our navigations. From our decks into the glistening, azure-blue waters of the Mediterraneo sea....


  • Sunset Tours

    Sunset Tours

    Li The spectacular sunsets along our charming coastline, are the most popular worldwide. We suggest to start this tour around 6 p.m....